Adopt an olive tree

Adopt your own olive tree from Paolo’s olive grove

Click here to adopt an olive tree

Imagine lush green terraces cradling centuries-old olive trees, bathed in sunshine and overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean. These could be your trees!

Once you have adopted your tree, it will carry the name you have assigned to it. We will hang a personalized sign with a unique QR code in the tree so you can easily identify your personal tree.

Explore the picturesque landscapes where your adopted trees thrive, with guided walking tours.

By adopting an olive tree from Paolo in Valloria (Imperia), you’ll be contributing to the preservation of the region’s time-honored Taggiasca olive tradition. Not only will you be supporting a local farmer, but with a bountiful harvest, you’ll also receive delicious, fresh Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil delivered straight to your doorstep!

Click her to give an adoption tree as a gift to a friend